I originally planned on writing a moment to moment recap, but I’d rather just write my thoughts about where each character is and discuss where I think they’re headed this season.


(C) Adrian Rogers/Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE


At the end of last season, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner ) was arrested for wrecking and murder.  This season picks up right after.  The murder charge is dropped because George Warleggan’s (Jack Farthing) uncle talks him out of it.  But Ross is still going to be charged with plunder, smuggling, and wrecking a wrecked ship.  Before his trial, Ross writes up a will leaving Demelza everything, though he doesn’t really have much to leave her.  He spends a lot of time agonizing over poor Demelza’s fate if he’s found guilty and hanged.  Of course, Ross being a gorgeous twit, doesn’t agonize over it enough to actually try to please the court by acting contrite.  Instead he’s his usual arrogant self on the witness stand.  Despite this, Ross is amazingly acquitted by the end of the episode.

But he’s still in financial trouble.  He has no income aside from being chief shareholder of Wheal Leisure.  His tenants frequently default on their rents, his house is mortgaged, and he’s in serious debt.  To make matters worse, the miners are starving and there’s talk of revolution just like in France.  But when he’s writing his will, Ross also mentions owning Wheal Grace, another derelict mine.  Which makes me wonder if there’s some financial salvation on the horizon.


I’m including a trigger warning for suicide since there are a lot of heavy things to discuss about Francis (Kyle Soller).  Oh Francis.  What else is there to say?  Ross still blames him for his daughter’s death last season, though he doesn’t seem to place the same blame on Elizabeth.  Go figure.  Anyway Francis is in pretty dire straights.  He gambled his mine away in season 1 and owes horrid George money.  He’s jealous of Ross because everyone loves him, and even if they don’t, he’s important enough for George to want him hanged.   Through his misery he does manage to confront George and tell him off for distributing slanderous pamphlets about Ross.  I suspect he does this in part because he’s planning to end it all.   Soon after this confrontation, Francis attempts suicides but thankfully his pistol misfires.

The events in the first episode make me wonder – will Francis try to commit suicide again, or will he find a way to turn his life around?  And surely his family will find out about the suicide attempt eventually.  He has confessed it to Dr. Dwight Enys and written a suicide note to Elizabeth so I doubt any of this has been resolved.


Elizabeth tries to save Ross more than once.  She begs George to help him, and she wants to heal the rift between the Poldarks.  Francis notices Elizabeth’s feelings (“Which of us does not secretly adore him?”  Francis pointedly asks her.)  Aunt Agatha notices too.  Elizabeth does respect Demelza so I have no idea how the simmering tension between Elizabeth and Ross will resolved, or if it will even be resolved at all.  But since I’m Team Demelza, I’m over Elizabeth and Ross.  I am curious about how things will pan out with her and Francis, plus I really want to know just what George wants from her.


Caroline and Dwight

New character Caroline Penvenen (Gabriella Wilde), is the niece and ward of Ray Penvenen (John Nettles).  She’s an heiress obviously spoiled rotten.  She’s also the intended of the rather annoying Unwin Trevaunance (Hugh Skinner) who is running for parliament.  Unwin is clearly out of his depth.  Caroline meets Dr. Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) when she summons him to treat her pug dog Horace.  Apparently, Horace was cleverly used to hide actress Gabriella Wilde’s pregnancy and he’s so cute!  Enys isn’t happy about wasting his talents on a dog, but he eventually decides to help by prescribing opium for Horace, which I thought was pretty wild.

Anyway, I think Enys is much more suitable for her because he respects her and there’s actual chemistry between them.  BUT he also had an affair in with a married woman in season 1 which resulted in her death, so you’d think Enys would learn his lesson since Caroline is kind of already attached.  I’m curious about what happens between them especially since Caroline is promised to a much more respectable man and Enys doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment.  I want to see where their relationship ends up, but I’d rather deal with them in small doses because Caroline is kind of a try-hard and Enys is pompous.


Throughout the first episode, George makes a public show of trying to help Ross, just so he can get into Elizabeth’s good graces.  But he actually works to get Ross hanged.  He pays for pamphlets slandering Ross and tries to thwart Demelza’s efforts to save her husband.  But, Ross – who would literally rather die than accept George’s help – is acquitted.  George is so arrogant and focused on his indignant rage that his slimy lawyer has to remind him of the danger he might be in now that Ross is free.  George has spent a lot of time and money trying to get Ross hanged and he planned on taking Wheal Leisure away from a widowed Demelza once Ross was hanged.  But Ross is alive and George is probably going to be in big trouble.  It would be nice if just once – George got what was coming to him.


Demelza spends most of the first episode heroically trying to save Ross.  By the time the trial starts she knows she’s pregnant again and she confides in Elizabeth.  Ross however, has no idea.  Once Ross is acquitted and they finally have a moment to themselves Ross tells her he wants to wait before they try having more children.  Demelza then decides not to tell him she’s pregnant which is terrible idea, but Ross and Demelza are often full of terrible ideas so what’s one more?  My biggest questions are – how is Ross going to find out?  And when he does, how is he going to react?

So, what do you think of the season so far?

Quick note – I might not be around for a while because there’s a hurricane headed our way 😨.  I do hope things will get back to normal in days rather than weeks so fingers crossed!